buy-vs-leasing in dubai

Leasing a car or buying a car – which way to go confuses many of us while going for a car. Reason is quite simple, people think owning a car is always better than car rentals in Dubai. In Dubai, car rentals are equally as popular as buying a car. In this neck to neck situation, it becomes confusing for an individual to either go for car rental in Dubai or prefer investing thousands of Dirhams in buying a car.

We know how tough it becomes for you while going and choosing the right decision. But fret not, because we have been guiding people in UAE to look at both the options in a neutral way and decide what’s best for them. Only after analyzing both the options, one may realize that renting a car is not a bad option too. Coz the latter comes equipped with loads of benefits as compared to a vehicle’s purchase.

The first and the foremost benefit is that a car lease comes with no headache. There is no regular maintenance costs involved when one rents a car. Contrarily, buying a car comes loaded with standard costs. At times, it becomes an additional burden on professionals to take their vehicle to the service stations regularly for cleaning and other maintenance needs. This becomes a hassle for individuals who already have a busy schedule and can’t spend time on such periodic visits.

Car rentals in Dubai come with a ‘no-commitment’ clause. Individuals are not committed to a car rental for a lifetime. Of course, there is a set rental period, but that doesn’t mean you have to bear the car during its wearing-off years. This is a great benefit which comes with renting a car. Whereas buying a car comes with wear and tear as it is a depreciating asset.

Choice is also a great advantage that comes with leasing a vehicle. Individuals can rent out a wide range of cars. Not only this, they can shuffle the vehicle and exchange it anytime with the rental providers in a hassle-free way. Unlike owned cars which require finding of a buyer to get it disposed. If an individual is bored of driving one kind of car, all he needs is to find out a replacement from car rental provider and get maximum satisfaction out of driving in Dubai.

Next comes the pricing factor. When compared to buying the one, renting is far more favourable option for individuals with high disposable income. Car leasing in Dubai doesn’t put a hole in your pocket. To the contrary, it is the easiest and seamless experience to rent a car rather than buying a car. One can easily decide on renting a car over buying one for its economy and other advantages.

Leasing a car definitely holds an upper edge over buying the one in UAE. One not only gets a great choice, but also a relief on the monthly budgets too. Jumeira Rent a Car can help individuals in getting the best ride in UAE through flexible car rental options. From luxury, semi-luxury to regular options, choice of wide car range is just a click away.