• Car Rental Dubai -Do’s And Don’ts

    Dubai is a lifestyle destination where tourists come to splurge in shopping and make the most of their vacations. It is also the place where many business travelers arrive in millions every year to drive in business and profits. The numbers are indeed fascinating where the UAE tourism industry will continue to expand in 2015, [...]
  • Rent a Car in UAE, before buy one!

    Renting a Car in UAE, before you buy one is actually a good idea! ‘Try before you buy’ seems as an obvious choice before taking a big decision of buying a car. But seldom people rent a car to try before purchasing it.  In UAE, people think mere test drives at car showrooms help them [...]
  • Leasing a Car in Dubai or Buying one. Which is better for you?

    Leasing a car or buying a car – which way to go confuses many of us while going for a car. Reason is quite simple, people think owning a car is always better than car rentals in Dubai. In Dubai, car rentals are equally as popular as buying a car. In this neck to neck […]
  • Corporate Car Leasing and Car Rental in Dubai – The Best for Companies

    Rental cars are the boon for companies & businesses in Dubai in terms of investment. No business likes to block thousands of dirhams in buying cars instead of investing it on productive ideas.  A car is a depreciating asset, which means it loses its value after usage. Wear and tear and maintenance costs also put [...]